Hot Tubs & Spas

We have great selection of hot tubs and spas that whether you are looking to entertain or quiet solitude, we have something for you! With lots of models to choose from, our hot tubs offer something for everyone.

Sunrise Spas – Classic Collection

All Sunrise spas are manufactured with only premium quality materials and boast an extensive range of high-end features, making Sunrise your luxury spa choice.

EZ Series

S Series

SR Series

SX Series

Sunrise Spas – Inspiration Collection

We offer a range of trendy Hot Tubs in European inspired designs. This range of Inspiration hot tubs offers exclusive and unique features. Produced by a manufacturer well known for their reliability and quality of products for over two decades, you can already start relaxing.

Dreammake Spas – Portable Hot Tubs

The Dream Maker Spas are manufactured to be portable, durable and affordable. State-of-the-art technology is used to create a one-piece totally portable and maintenance free spa for a fraction of the cost of most hot tubs. The DreamMaker Spa is resistant to all weather conditions and plugs into your standard wall outlet.

Odyssey – Stonehenge Collection

Big EZ – Stonehenge Collection

EZ Spa – Stonehenge Collection

EXL Spa – Stonehenge Collection

Fantasy – Stonehenge Collection

730L – Crossover Collection

730S – Crossover Collection